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CSCUTTING LTD. is a professional manufacturer being specialized in research and development, production, customization, and marketing of tungsten carbide rotary burrs. We provide a wide range of premium-quality tungsten carbide rotary burrs.

Carbide rotary burrs are tools used for deburring, cutting, shaping, grinding, and chamfering hard materials. We supply different cut types, including single, double, diamond, fine, coarse, aluminum, and combi geometry. Different cuts of carbide burrs will be best suited for certain materials.
Carbide burrs are widely used for metalwork, toolmaking, engineering, model engineering, wood carving, jewelry making, and welding, chamfering, casting, deburring, grinding, cylinder head porting, and sculpting. The coverage of industries includes the aerospace, automotive, dental, metal sculpting, and metal smith industries, and so on.

With CNC production lines and premium welding process making sure the highly uniform quality for every piece of burs, we can fabricate the quality meeting highly demanding requirements from customers. In-house, we go with a series of test procedures, such as dimension, hardness, density, coercivity, magnetic saturation, metallographic, mechanical property, and product performance.

Apart from producing high-quality products. Our salesmen and engineers work together to provide you the best solution for your project according to your requirements. After-sales service is timely and efficient.

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