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C1225 Fine Cut

Designed for excellent surface finish, ideal for hardened steel and fine finishing on the metal workpiece. Their 1/4″-Shank or 6mm is suited for use with most common electric and pneumatic (air) die grinders. We supply fractional or metric size standards for choices.

The model number of the carbide burrs

*C122506, Cylindrical with Ball Nose, Fine Cut
Diameter: 12mm
Cutting length: 28mm
Shank Diameter: 6mm
Overall: 70mm
Cut: Single-Fine

6 16 6 61 C061606/S-Fine
8 20 6 65 C082006/S-Fine
10 20 6 65 C102006/S-Fine
11 25 6 70 C112506/S-Fine
12 25 6 70 C122506/S-Fine
16 25 6 70 C162506/S-Fine
19 25 6 70 C192506/S-Fine
25 25 6 70 C252506/S-Fine

The material to make carbide burrs:

Tungsten carbide

Precautions before operating the carbide burrs:

Safety glasses
Safety gloves
Hearing protection

Advantages of carbide burrs:

Made of high virgin and premium tungsten carbide material
Large production capability
High-quality brazing
Stock available
Free samples for all customers in the world

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