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K12 DC

The double-cut carbide burrs can meet the highest demands on metal processing due to the hardness of the tungsten carbide substrate and their stronger tooth formulation.
This type of carbide burr machine can help to achieve better stock removal and granular chip break when you match these carbide burrs with a pneumatic die grinder or use them in your automated CNC machine.

The model number of the carbide burrs

*K120606, Countersink 90 degree
Diameter: 12 mm
Cutting length: 6 mm
Shank Diameter: 6 mm
Overall: 51 mm
Cut: Double

OD LOC SHK OAL Single cut Double cut
3 1.5 3 38 K030103S38/SC K030103S38/DC
6 3 6 48 K060306/SC K060306/DC
6 3 6 50 K060306S50/SC K060306S50/DC
8 4 6 49 K080406/SC K080406/DC
10 5 6 50 K100506/SC K100506/DC
12 6 6 51 K120606/SC K120606/DC
16 8 6 53 K160806/SC K160806/DC
19 9.5 6 54.5 K190906/SC K190906/DC
25 12.5 6 57.5 K251206/SC K251206/DC

The material to make carbide burrs:

Tungsten carbide

Precautions before operating the carbide burrs:

Safety glasses
Safety gloves
Hearing protection

Advantages of carbide burrs:

Made of high virgin and premium tungsten carbide material
Large production capability
High-quality brazing
Stock available
Free samples for all customers in the world

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