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Pilot Die Trimmers

The carbide pilot dies trimmer with double cut, featuring both left-hand and right-hand flute geometry offers better operator control and rapid removal of material. The pilot allows excess welding or filler material to be removed from the surface without making die beyond the repair area. It allows the use of any ferrous material like heat-treated mold or die steels. Besides the common double-cut for the trimmer, we also offer a single-cut type.

The model number of the carbide burrs:

*T062506, Solid tungsten carbide burr, Pilot die trimmer
Diameter: 6mm
Cutting length: 25mm
Shank Diameter: 6mm
Cut: Double

OD LOC SHK OAL Double cut
4.7 25.4 4.7 76 T042504S76
6.35 25.4 6.35 76 T062506S76
9.5 25.4 9.5 76 T092509S76
12.7 25.4 12.7 76 T122512S76

The material to make carbide burrs:

Tungsten carbide

Precautions before operating the carbide burrs:

Safety glasses
Safety gloves
Hearing protection

Advantages of carbide burrs:

Made of high virgin and premium tungsten carbide material
Large production capability
High-quality brazing
Stock available
Free samples for all customers in the world

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