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Popular Long Shank

The extended long 150mm or 6” Carbide Burr Set includes three of the most commonly used profiles for hard-to-reach areas. They have permitting usage on applications in confined spaces where Die Grinders cannot fit.
They feature a Double-Cut cut configuration which is suitable for machining hard materials such as stainless, ferrous metals, and cast iron.
Their 1/4″-Shank or 6mm is suited for use with most common electric and pneumatic (air) die grinders.

The model number of the carbide burrs:

*A102006(SA-3), cylindrical, 150mm
Diameter: 10mm (3/8”)
Cutting length: 20mm (3/4”)
Cut Diameter: 6mm (1/4”)
Overall: 170mm
Cut: double

*C1020, cylindrical ball nose, 150mm
Diameter: 10mm
Cutting length: 20mm
Overall: 150mm
Cut: double

*F1020, tree radius, 150mm
Diameter: 10mm
Cutting length: 20mm
Overall: 150mm
Cut: double

The material to make carbide burrs:

Tungsten carbide

Precautions before operating the carbide burrs:

Safety glasses
Safety gloves
Hearing protection

Advantages of carbide burrs:

Made of high virgin and premium tungsten carbide material.
Large production capability
High-quality brazing
Stock available
Free samples for all customers in the world

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