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Complete Introduction of Tungsten Carbide Grade Types


Type P:
In tungsten carbide, the cutting range of class P products refers to carbon steel and cast steel, including quenching and tempering, easy cutting steel includes annealing and quenching and tempering, low-carbon alloy steel contains less than 5% gold element, high-carbon alloy steel, cast iron, and tool steel, including annealing and quenching and tempering series.

Type M:
The range is small. Stainless steel has ferrite / martensite, and cast steel contains martensite and austenite.

Type K:
The hardness of tungsten carbide in the K-type cutting range includes ferrite, pearlite gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, and pearlite ferrite malleable cast iron.

Type N
Type N refers to uncured aluminum, refined alloy, cast alloy, and copper alloy, including easy cutting steel, brass, and electrolytic copper.

Type S:
Type S refers to iron base superalloy, superalloy material, including nickel base and cobalt base; Titanium base, titanium alloy.

Type H:
Type H refers to the cutting hardness range of the blade, such as hardened steel, Cast Chilled Cast Iron, hardened cast iron, etc.

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