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Features of Carbide Rotary Burr


What is the difference between carbide burr and HSS burr?

Good quality Carbide Burrs are machine ground from a specially chosen grade of carbide. Due to the extreme hardness of the Tungsten Carbide they can be used on much more demanding jobs than HSS (High-Speed Steel).
Carbide Burrs also perform better at higher temperatures than HSS so you can run them hotter, for longer.
HSS burrs will start to soften at higher temperatures so carbide is always a better choice for long-term performance.

The Advantages of Tungsten Carbide Burrs

Long life
Use for long production runs
High stock removal
Ideal for using on many hard materials
Ideal for Deburring, finishing, carving, shaping, and smoothing welds, molds, dies, and forgings

Notes for use

Always ensure your burr shank is well inserted into your collet and clamped down tightly
Keep pressure light and keep the bur moving, focusing on the highest material first
Ensure your work is secured tightly to your workbench
Don’t snag or jam your burr into your work
Wear eye protection as a minimum, but better still use a full shield for your face

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